Artur Grajber

Artur Grajber borned in Warsaw in 1969, he began his adventure with gastronomy from a school on ul. Poznańska where as an experimental student he had practice in the best Warsaw restaurants of the eighties, soaking his love for the profession and its traditions, and respecting the product. In 1999, he started working in the first Polish restaurant with the Greek cuisine „Parnas” – in Warsaw at Krakowskie Przedmieście, as the Chef he took part in the reopening of the Bristol Hotel (1992). In 1997 he opened The 99 restaurant in Warsaw as a Chef, which won the title of restaurant of the year in 1998. In 2000, the first mini brewery and Soma restaurants – also in Warsaw, from 2002 to be associated with the Starwood chain, in 2003 as the first chef – The Pole opened the five-star Westin Warsaw hotel chain, which received two awards in a row as the best Westin hotel in Europe. From 2006 to 2016, he was the chef at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw, where he managed over 40 people kitchen team in three restaurants and one of the largest Polish banquet operations, both internal and external, organizing events for 5,500 people.

In the Sheraton hotel chain, he cooperated in opening new hotels in Poland and supervised, served and cooked in the smallest restaurant in Poland „Chefs Table” located at the back of the kitchen in the Sheraton Hotel for over 10 years. From May 2017 to December he opened the Genesis restaurant in Warsaw and at the beginning of 2018 for several months he was the head of the Belvedere Gourmet Group. From July 2018 Chef in Hotel New Skanpol and Sublima Restaurant in Kołobrzeg.

He gained his multiple experiences in restaurants and hotel kitchens, where he developed his passions and interests, all focused on gaining knowledge and shaping his culinary personality. Numerous trips and work with an international group have allowed to intensify and expand your knowledge and passion. A special place in his professional biography has all kinds of banquet events from several to several thousand people, one and a few days of different character and rank, that’s where planning, logistics and proper management of the human team count. He personally had the opportunity to cook for many well-known politicians, royal family members and actors, among others: King of Sweden – Carl XVI Gustav, King of Norway Harald V, President of Russia Dmitry Anatoljewicz Medvedev and Presidents of Poland: Lech Wałęsa, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Lech Kaczyński, Bronisław Komorowski.

In cooking, he loves the challenges and combination of flavors and techniques from different sides, and pays particular attention to the cuisine of Polish and native regional products, which gives the modern taste and appearance while respecting the traditions and properties of the product.