Zelandia is a multi-purpose, 168 m2 conference room the plan of which is a projection of joined rectangles with three pillars in between. Such an arrangement provides a division into two parts, i.e. a lecture space and a workshop space. The floor on the left-hand side of the room is covered with fitted carpet; on the right hand side there is a platform, parquet and a bar.

Zelandia can be used both as a conference room and a banquet room where evening entertainment with music and dance as well as F&B service can be provided.

Possible conference arrangements:
• theatre arrangement: up to 180 people;
• school room arrangement: up to 80 people:
• U-shaped arrangement (chairs outside): up to 50 people.

Other arrangements are confirmed on request.

Maximum number of people in banquet arrangement (with free parquet space) is 125.

Detailed information regarding equipment available in Jutlandia conference room:
• day light access; could be cut off with blinds;
• air-condition, opening window, access to terrace;
• two screens mounted on wall (could be rolled up) and two overhead projectors mounted on the ceiling (RGB and HDMI connection); good view of the screen from any part of the room;
• loudspeakers;
• free of charge Wi-Fi connection of standard brandwidth, broadband Wi-Fi available at extra charge;
• white board, flipchart;
• floor partly covered with a carpet, partly parquet;
• bar: for banquets and coffee service;
• coat racks.

Price of rent of Zelandia: 1,200 zł / day.

For details of the offer please contact:
Krzysztof Kozaryn – tel. +48 94 711 29 56
e-mail: k.kozaryn@newskanpol.pl