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Pets are allowed

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Yachts, fishing cruises


See Kolobrzeg from an unfamiliar website!
Summer Car is clean vehicles powered by electricity, which invite for sightseeing tours.

Ships - trips to Bornholm

Healthpath - seaside park

Garden Hortulus in Dobrzyca 

Touristic routes 

High ropes course

Ropes course programs can be designed to meet a number of educational, developmental and recreational goals. High ropes course and climbing programs generally focus on personal achievements and ask participants to confront their personal fears and anxieties. Challenges may be physical and /or emotional. In cerain cases, high element programs involve the development and mastery of technical skills to manage rope belay systems used to secure other climbers as they move through the course. In such cases, outcomes often include exploring the fundamentals of trust, craftsmanship and coaching. Programs using low ropes cours elements or group initiatives are most often designed to explore group interaction, problem-solving and leadership. Some of the commonly claimed outcomes include enhancement of: cooperation, decision making,  self confidence, positive risk taking, cohesion, trust, self esteem, leadership, goal setting,  teamwork. 

Bicycle roads 


Mini - zoo in Zieleniewo